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In addition to our safe and affordable crane rental services , we also offer comprehensive and competitively priced man basket services all over Orange County, LA, and the Inland Empire. You can rely on our man basket services for all types of jobs such as tree trimming, lighting work, light signal repair,  or anything requiring a lifted work area.


At Aline crane we always strive to put our best foot forward with regard to being on time and providing the right crane for the job at hand. All of our expert crane operators are insured and CCO-Certified.

You can rely on Aline Crane’s excellent man basket services: we’ve been serving Southern California for 30 years, providing safe, fast, and effective assistance for suspended personnel work. We have the experience and expertise necessary to determine the best and most cost-effective equipment for your project, and we guarantee that our equipment and operators will arrive at your job site on time. We’re committed to value that goes beyond low prices: our excellent service will also help keep your project on track, saving you time and money.

Call or text us at (714) 261-3536 for a quote, to check rates, or to schedule your project.

We have a live expert dispatchers ready to assist you 24-hours a day, 7-days a week.


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Learn More about man baskets:

Man baskets, or suspended platforms, are fixed to cranes and derricks and used to lift workers into the air. Man baskets are used when safer means of access, including ladders and scaffolds, cannot be used. Title 29 of the Code of Federal Regulations, Part 1926.550(g) governs the use of man baskets, and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) provides guidance based on this regulation.

Design Specifications

Man baskets must be designed by a qualified engineer. OSHA requires that man baskets be capable of supporting their own weight and five times the maximum intended load, both of which should be clearly indicated on the basket. Man baskets must be surrounded by a guard rail that is solid to mid-rail height, to prevent falls and keep tools from falling on workers beneath the basket. Access gates should open inward and have safety latches that prevent accidental opening. Additionally, man basket design should allow adequate headroom for workers.

Load Restrictions

Loads must not exceed the maximum load designation marked on the man basket, and lines supporting the basket must be capable of supporting at least seven times the intended load. OSHA requires that tools and materials be secured and spread evenly over the basket’s floor to prevent tipping. Only workers trained in the task to be performed should be permitted in the man basket when it is hoisted.

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