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A bucket truck is a type of mobile, aerial work platform that consists of an aerial device mounted to a truck (a motor vehicle designed to transport cargo). In some cases the aerial device is mounted onto a van, and is then referred to as a bucket van. The aerial device consists of a fiberglass or steel platform (bucket) secured to a hydraulic or electric lifting system, which includes the lifting arm(s) (boom), and a rotating turret. The system is designed to safely lift personnel into the air to perform work. Some bucket trucks are also equipped with a material handling winch designed to lift materials and supplies.

Bucket trucks are used in a variety of industries, the most common being electric utility, telecommunications, lights and signs, and vegetation management. Depending on the specific intended use, the bucket truck will have a particular configuration and set of attributes. Just a few examples are as follows: The boom may be telescopic thus allowing the operator to adjust overall length, may be articulating thus having more than one jointed section, or may be both articulating and telescopic. Some industries require units with fiberglass buckets and boom sections, while others do not. Units that have higher working heights or material handling capabilities will likely be equipped with at least one set of outriggers designed to stabilize the truck and help prevent tipping.

There are a limited number of bucket truck manufacturers globally. While used bucket trucks are readily available from small, local dealers throughout the United States, there are very few certified and reputable resellers. When a potential buyer is considering a bucket truck for sale, it is critical that they also consider the qualifications and professionalism of the dealership itself.

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